Neil Fein, Editor

I’m a freelance editor with experience working on many kinds of books, documents, and text. I can do anything from quick proofreading to full line-editing or even rewriting (if specifically requested). I specialize in fiction.

Is your manuscript complete, but in need of an editor? Do you need another set of eyes to tell you where things could be stronger? Do you just need a proofreader?

Whatever your book is about, I can help you get your manuscript into shape while helping you emphasize your unique voice and characters.

I can edit your non-fiction manuscript for consistency, grammar, readability, and formatting. Editing to style guides like AP or Chicago also available.

Blogs, articles, and other sites.

Newsletters, commercial and non-profit mailings.

Reports, summary papers, procedures, presentations, and other documentation.

Contact me for reasonable rates and an estimate of how long your job will take. For more information about me, here’s my profile on LinkedIn.


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