Love Island Australia Odds 2023: Lucinda's Zac Concerns As Two More Are Dumped

Date IconLast Updated: 29 Nov 2023
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Love Island Australia Odds 2023: Lucinda's Zac Concerns As Two More Are Dumped

Love Island Australia bosses have wasted no time cutting down the numbers already this week as two more Islanders were dumped on Tuesday, and the repercussions have affected the market on betting sites.  

Abby and Seb - who had only been in the villa a couple of days after arriving alongside fellow bombshell Tasia - were the unlucky two sent home, after six Islanders, three lads and three ladies, were chosen as those who are "least genuinely looking for love in the villa". 

Of the boys, Trent, Zac and Seb faced being dumped, and three ladies, Savanah, Georgia and Abby, were up for eviction, after all six were chosen by the "Love Island Superfans" - a select group given live video feed access and the power to participate in votes, polls and date selections.

The remaining Islanders were tasked with choosing who to go, with the lads picking Abby to depart and the girls choosing Seb.  

As well as being bad news for Abby and Seb, the dumping has led to some repercussions in the villa, with Lucinda now concerned that her man Zac is perhaps not what she thought after he was one of the six picked by the Superfans.  

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Couple Odds

Lucinda and Zac3.033.33%
Nakia and Andy6.016.7%
Georgia and Nate7.014.3%
Tyra and Kale9.011.1%
Chloe and Reid12.08.3%


Lucinda's Tears 

A teary Lucinda confessed to her fellow Islanders that she might have missed something about Zac.  

She told them: "I'm shaking because am I seeing something that other people aren't?" 

Despite this, the girls chose to keep Zac in the villa - and he and Lucinda remain favourites to win the fifth Love Island Australia season.  

After a slight blip, the couple are out to 3.0, from 2.0, for the series win on exchange betting sites, and they remain in front of second favourites Nakia and Andy (6.0). 

Georgia and Nate are 7.0 third favourites, but it's been an up and down couple of days for the pair.

On Monday's episode, things looked to be all over between Georgia and Nate, after she confessed her intentions to get to know Trent instead.  

She told Nate: "I've really thought about it, and I still like you but I feel something with Trent that I don't feel here." 

Georgia and Trent then got to know each other more with smooching and cuddling on Tuesday's episode as they spent the night on the day bed, but Georgia had a complete change of heart when she woke up the next morning.  

She went scurrying back to Nate, and Trent told her she has "something in her head that's not right".  

But Georgia insisted: "I definitely have made the right decision going back to Nate. I do not have any regrets, I've made the right decision 100%." 

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Male Odds

Zac Nunns3.033.33%
Andy Cosgrove5.020%
Nate Page7.014.3%
Reid Polak8.012.5%
Kale Roberts9.011.1%
Trent Woolman12.08.3%

Kale's Comeback Causes Issues 

In another villa comeback, Tyra brought Nakia's ex Kale back into the show, which threatened to cause some issues between her and Nakia.  

But with Nakia since moving on with Andy, she gave Tyra her blessing - to her face - to crack on with the resurrected Kale.  

Nakia told her pal: "I just want what's best for you and if you think this is something that will fulfil you then I'm fine." 

However, when she wasn't in front of Tyra, Nakia admitted she felt "a little bit stabbed in the back" by her friend. 

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Female Odds

Lucinda Stafford3.033.33%
Nakia Pires5.020%
Georgia Murray7.014.3%
Tyra Johannes9.011.1%
Chloe Christine12.08.3%
Savannah Badger14.07.1%
Tasia Fenstein14.07.1%


Despite this, Tyra and Kale are now 9.0 to win Love Island Australia, just ahead of outsiders Chloe and Reid (12.0), who have only recently coupled up.  

New bombshell Chloe was in the villa for a matter of hours before her first recoupling, and she picked Reid, who is no stranger to coupling up with a bombshell.   

Just days ago, Reid - who has been nicknamed the 'Bomb Diffuser' in the villa, due to his ability to be picked up by bombshells - coupled up with bombshell Tasia, and he has now been stolen by another latecomer to the villa.  

But the pair have work to do if they are to prove to fans they are the real deal, and that Reid isn't just waiting for the next bombshell to come along.   

* Reminder: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts.