I have worked with Neil Fein on two manuscripts and found him sensitive to my perceptions as well as highly adaptive to my idiosyncratic ways of communication. Since he was fully aware of what I was striving for, he responded to what I had written in such a way as to always move me toward clearer communication with my reader. For this I am enormously grateful. He is fair, highly focused on the project at hand and responds quickly to my questions. I highly recommend him.

John Ransom Phillips

[My book] is completed and ready to rock! We just received the final edited copy back from our copy editor Neil Fein. He did a great job and we look forward to working with him in the future.

G.P. Hintz

I can totally recommend Neil as an excellent editor. I was very concerned at first, for I find it difficult to accept criticism—creative writing is a very personal thing. However, I was worrying unnecessarily. He was totally professional, was concerned to preserve my narrative voice at all times, and his comments left me feeling that he cared about the story. He became totally involved in what became a shared process. He made me a better writer, and I never once felt uncomfortable with his suggestions. To be able to support the writer with constructive criticism that does not offend is a very rare skill. Writing can be a very lonely business and it has been great to have his encouragement and his enthusiasm for my work.

Carole Anne Carr

Neil showed me editing creates much more value than an acceptable manuscript.

Neil did what good editors are supposed to do: make the writers better while using a deft and even hand. Neil cared for the material and edited it properly—with notations and the guiding voice in addition to his focus on grammar and structure. Neil was also punctual, and careful to preserve my narrative voice. I found his editing motivating—above and beyond any of my expectations.

—Neal Klein

I think your advice of “show, don’t tell” finally clicked. It’s an opinion piece by me. It needs examples of me.

—Lyndon Keane

Your changes look great. So much so that I didn’t even notice any changes had been made. I appreciate your style of editing. You do a great job.

—Steven E. Athay

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