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If you’ve never been properly introduced to Australian Rules Football - better known simply as Aussie Rules - it can be easy to mistake the sport for something of a free-for-all. As a result, Aussie rules betting can seem somewhat confusing to prospective punters. However, when it’s understood a little better, Australian rules football can be appreciated as a fast-paced blitz of action, featuring many traits from other sports all rolled into one feast of excitement. This page will help you best decide how to go about implementing your Aussie Rules betting strategy.

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How to Play

In Aussie rules, players can run with the elliptical-shaped ball like you can in rugby, although they have to bounce it once every 15 metres. They can pass by spiking it with their hand (like in volleyball) or simply by kicking it to a teammate, and score points by kicking the ball through the goal (worth 6 points) or behind posts (worth 1 point) at any height. The variety gives the game an open nature and unrelenting pace, with stoppages kept to a minimum.

The frenetic tempo makes for a very watchable sport, and there are numerous Aussie rules betting markets offered by bookmakers to make the game even more interesting, with the over/under points scored market particularly attractive.

Overall Points Market

Bet365's over/under Aussie rules betting market gives you the chance to bet on the overall points total in a match, instead of trying to pick an outright match-winner. There’s typically 150-200 points scored per game, so Bet365 usually offer around 180 points for the market, depending on which teams are in action and how likely they are to score or concede big points totals.

An advantage to this kind of market is that your bet is rarely settled early on, as there can be a sudden flurry of points scored at any time. It’s likely that you’ll be heading into the final quarter of the game with some chance of it going either way, whereas in outright winner markets you could see one team run away with it early on.

Accumulator Bet

With typical odds of just under evens (91/100), a small accumulator on the points market can see decent returns, and you don’t really need to know a great deal about the sport in order to have flutter on this one. Some research into how a team has scored in recent matches using Bet365's form guide should give you a good indication of how the game might shape up.


The Aussie rules season usually kicks off in late March, finishing with the AFL Grand Final game in late September. The league system is quite complicated; it’s basically a 22-game season in an 18-team league, where the top eight qualify for the Grand Final play-offs - a knockout tournament that is designed to benefit the top four teams over the teams who placed fifth to eighth.

Ante-Post Market

Ante-post Aussie rules betting markets give punters the chance to bet on which team will eventually triumph in the league competition. Between 2006 and 2012, there were five different Grand Final winners, and this constant variation means that it’s not hard to find appealing odds – and it does tend to be the same teams involved in the end-of-season shake-up each year.

The six-month season often sees plenty of twists and turns in the league, so for a range of other markets, including 'Top Eight Finish’, 'Most Losses', and, of course, standard Aussie rules match betting, visit Bet365 Sports today for great odds from Down Under.

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