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Who Is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is part of the Paysafe Group which also includes Skrill and NETELLER. They offer prepaid online payment solutions and provide you with a way to make online payments using cash.

Paysafecard Services

The core product is similar to a mobile phone top-up card. You pay cash at a sales outlet for a paysafecard voucher which contains a 16-digit code. You can then use this code to pay for things online. The value of the code is the amount of cash you pay. For online gambling purposes, it can be used in two ways:

  1. Pay direct at an online casino or gambling website
  2. Use the voucher to add fund to your digital wallet (Skrill or NETELLER)

No personal information or bank details are entered, so you are protected from fraud.

How It Works

Paysafecard is available in 46 countries worldwide in local currency.

It is a secure, swift and convenient method of funding your favourite betting sites or online casino using a prepaid voucher method. Ideal for those who want to use cash instead of bank or card.

How to Use It Direct on a Betting Website

This process varies per betting operator and sometimes depends on the website functionality, but the general process works like this:

Tip: if the website does not offer paysafecard but does offer Skrill and NETELLER, then you can fund these digital wallets with paysafecard (they are all one company now!) and make your deposit using cash at one of them instead.

What Does 'My Paysafecard' Do?

This basically allows you to accumulate an online balance using cash by grouping several voucher codes together and then paying with a username and password instead of multiple 16-digit codes.

What Can I Do With The App?

How Do I Sign up With Paysafecard?

You need to be 18 to purchase a voucher and use it to shop online. Registering online with them is free and requires:

Who Accepts Paysafecard?

Many online casinos accept paysafecard.

It can also be used for shopping online and is popular with online gamers as a payment method. You’ll find a full list of stores that accept paysafecard on their website.

How Much Does Paysafecard Cost?

There’s no fee for buying a voucher, spending it or registering with them. The following fees and limits do apply:

Any Additional Features?

Is It Safe?

You are essentially paying with cash so there are no card or bank details involved.

You need to look after your paysafecard PINs, use only authorised paysafecard online shops and request to have your account locked if you notice anything suspicious.

You can also lock your PINs. As long as you use it with care, it is generally a safe payment method.

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