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Depositing and withdrawing funds from an online casino account has never been easier, thanks to the rise of dedicated payment services and improvements in software that allow sites to accept funds from many different sources.


In order to play for real money at an online casino, you need to find a way of transferring money into your casino account. Thankfully, there have never been more payment provider options and that means that the vast majority of customers are able to fund their gaming accounts quickly and efficiently. In addition, a good operator will provide in-depth information with regard to the available deposit and withdrawal methods that are available when it comes to your online casino account.

Top Online Casino Payment Providers

Whether you are planning to bet exclusively with one online betting site have decided to cast your net wider, you will always need a reliable deposit method to make sure that you can quickly and safely transfer sufficient funds to your casino account. Casino customers will tend to use the same deposit method when it comes to funding any of their online casino accounts as that is generally a simpler way to proceed.

This article will look at the leading payment providers and focus on the things that are important to a customer when it comes to making a deposit and withdrawal. This includes the available options with each operator, the minimum and maximum daily amounts, whether there is any fee attached to making a deposit / withdrawal, how long a customer can expect to receive withdrawn funds and how secure an operator’s payment process happens to be.

Recommended Payment Providers

How We Rate The Top Casino Payment Methods


As you might already have seen, there are many casino deposit options when you visit any leading casino site and we look at the available range and decide the best way forward. Our team of experts understand that customers are sometimes restricted by circumstance and it can also be down to the territory in which they are operating. Ideally, we’re looking for a casino payment method which is free-of-charge, can be registered easily and facilitates a quick withdrawal payment processing time.

Ultimately, these things are most important to a customer who wants to get on with the serious business of having fun at an online casino. Therefore a fast casino deposit and withdrawal provides a hassle-free experience which means a player avoids having to contact customer service about a dreaded payment query.

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Debit And Credit Cards

The most popular way of making an online casino deposit is by using a debit card. After all, the vast majority of adults in Ireland and further afield have at least one payment card that befits this description and it’s also a secure way of funding your casino account. You are generally required to register the card by typing in the long number across the front of the card before also adding the expiry date and the security number on the back. These details will be encrypted by the casino operator so you don’t have to worry about compromising personal details.

When you have made a first deposit with your debit card, you will then be able to return to the casino site and make further deposits without having to add your details again. The casino operator will remember your card details although you will be required to add in your security code for every deposit you make. Please note that from April 2020, the use of credit card payment has been banned and you should therefore disregard them as an option.

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VISA Casino Review

Virtually every casino allows you to make instant casino deposits using a Visa card, usually without a transaction fee, with customers only required to change these card details should they get a replacement card from the issuing bank due to theft, loss or expiry. You can read a full Visa Casino review at where we outline the best way to make a casino deposit using a Visa card, with customers reminded that they need to use the same payment method when it comes to making a fast casino withdrawal.

VISA Electron Casino Review

Many online casino customers are in possession of a Visa Electron card and this is a good payment platform when it comes to funding your casino account. It works in the same way as other Visa cards although tends to be more popular with younger customers because casino players using this deposit method need to be sure that funds are available. Check out our Visa Electron Casino review for more information pertaining to this way of depositing or withdrawing funds.

MasterCard Casino Review

Unfortunately, credit card payments can no longer be accepted by Irish casinos due to the ban in April 2020, although it at least means that customers are being encouraged to gamble more sensibly with funds that they actually have. Casino customers can also use a MasterCard debit card in order to make sure there are funds in their account and there’s a special Mastercard Casino Review here at

Maestro Casino Review

Maestro is actually owned by MasterCard, although the former falls into the debit card network and you can therefore use this to fund your casino account quickly and easily. This can either take the form of a debit card or a prepaid card and have put together an in-depth Maestro Casino Review where you can get more information.

Online Casino E-Wallets And Prepaid Cards

Although some casino customers might be oblivious to casino e-wallet deposit methods along with prepaid cards, a younger group of players might consider using a more modern payment provider compared to the more traditional debit card option. There are usually a number of e-wallet solutions available and it’s likely that you’ll have at least one online payment gateway that can be used.

PayPal has grown enormously in popularity when it comes to funding your online casino account, while Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz are other options. The huge advantage is that you can generate instant deposits and withdrawals using this payment gateway, while you don’t have to spend time registering a debit card long number and making sure all the data is correct.

Paypal Casino Review

PayPal is a great way of making casino deposits and you just have to make sure this is actually linked to a bank card in their back end. It’s great to transfer money in and out of your casino account this way, with the casino withdrawals often being instant and you can then transfer the money to your account quicker than the debit card method.

Paysafecard Casino Review

Some customers use Paysafecard because (as the name suggests) this is one of the most secure casino deposit methods you can find. Casino players can use this prepaid card using vouchers with a 16-PIN code and that means that they are confident of securing the funds into the casino, with this operator now owned by Skrill.

Skrill Casino Review

Skrill is another popular e-wallet casino deposit option, with this company owned and operated within the Irish regulations and it belongs to the PaySafe Group. It works in a similar way to other e-wallet methods in terms of loading up your online account so that you can then visit online casinos and make secure transactions.

Neteller Casino Review

Neteller sits alongside Skrill as the flagship payment service provider that forms part of PaySafe Group, with this e-money transfer service having a reputation for being easy to use. Funds can also be withdrawn quickly and easily, using either the Net+ card or alternatively transferring the balance back to your bank account.

EcoPayz Casino Review

This is another secure online payment service which is growing in popularity, with customers enjoying the benefit of having an ecoAccount where you can receive, send and spend money all through one safe transaction point.

Bank Wire Transfers For Gambling

If all else fails with the debit card, prepaid card and e-wallet payments, there is the opportunity to make a bank wire transfer. This involves entering your sort code and account number, nominating a stake and then making a casino deposit. It’s not the worse Plan B in the world, although the majority of customers will avoid this, especially as the withdrawal processing time is particularly lengthy.

Bank Wire

Bank wire can be used as a bit of a last resort when it comes to depositing money into your casino account. However, if you have your bank details to hand and don’t mind waiting a bit longer for your casino withdrawal to hit your bank account, it’s a fairly robust option.

Instant Bank Transfers

Sometimes customers can make an instant casino deposit by bank transfer, with the option to move the money directly from your bank account to the casino account. It might be a case of waiting for the funds to clear before you can then start playing your favourite casino games.

Pay By Phone Bill Casino Payments


We know that there are many mobile casino customers and it naturally follows that there are now ways to make an online mobile casino payment. Pay By Phone generally involves making a deposit through your mobile network provider who will then add that particular amount to your monthly bill. It saves having to deposit money manually and you already have a recurring billing set up to take payments.

Boku Casino Review

The Boku casino deposit method is being slowly rolled out by some operators, with this innovative payment method allowing customers to transfer funds to their online casino account through their mobile device. This mobile payments platform simply allows consumers to pay money through a mobile number providing that the network approves of the charge.

Payforit Casino Review

Payforit is another mobile payment company which is available on selected networks. The cost of your casino deposit can be added to your monthly bill or deducted from the Pay As You Go balance, although there might be restrictions as to how much you can deposit.

Zimpler Casino Review

Zimpler is another casino payment method which has been utilised by several online casinos, with customers simply needing to enter their mobile phone number at the website and you will then receive a unique code which can be used to fund your casino account.

Alternative Casino Payment Methods

If you don’t think we’ve provided an exhaustive list of casino payment methods, then there are likely to be alternative casino deposit options that can be utilised. Google Pay is probably the most common out of the ones not mentioned, with casino players able to fund your casino account through the Google Pay app and that doesn’t involve revealing your debit card details.

Bitcoin Casino And Cryptocurrency Casino Payments

While Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are very modern ways of making an online casino deposit, they are viable options for those customers who know what they’re doing. A number of casino operators will accept bitcoin payments (also known as BTC) and you might even find there’s a special casino bonus for new customers who decide to fund their account using crypto.

Some customers enjoy the anonymity that comes with using BTC to make deposits or casino withdrawals, while there’s the added advantage of betting with a decentralised currency which means that it is resistant when it comes to deflation, while customers can also get around the taxation issue that often arises with other currencies.

Revolut Casino Payments

A growing number of casino customers are looking for a way of making casino deposits that don’t carry any fees, while they often feel ripped off by the currency exchange if they are having to transfer money from one currency to another. The idea behind the Revolut casino deposit method is that you can smoothly move money from your online payment system without incurring any charges.

Customers will need to have a Revolut payment account in order to make casino deposits and withdrawals using this process, while it is now becoming more widely accepted and that includes the operators who are Irish-regulated and licensed. The easy management of funds makes this a win-win solution in the eyes of many.

Klarna Casino Payments

Klarna are a Swedish bank that has been in operation since 2005 and this fintech start-up is now starting to be accepted by mainstream casino sites, many of which are Irish-regulated. It should essentially be considered as a massive virtual bank that operates within the European Union, with customers not needing to share their banking information with anyone.

There are broadly three ways you can make a casino deposit using Klarna. You can either choose to “pay now”, “pay later” or “slice it” depending on the way in which you want to find your account. It’s probable that the “pay later” option will be minimised, while some casino operators might insist on upfront payments in keeping with the Irish regulations.

Google Pay Casino Payments

If you are familiar with the Google products and you’re able to download the Google Pay app, then you have a straightforward and seamless way of making a casino mobile deposit. Google Pay is principally available to any customer who is wanting to use an Android device in order to make a casino deposit or a casino withdrawal.

In order to deposit into your casino account using Google Pay, you must have the latter account linked to a bank card in your name. If there’s multiple cards registered, it’s a case of choosing which one the funds transfer through to, while you can also choose the withdrawal card too.

Apple Pay Casino Payments

Apple Pay works in a similar way to Google Pay or Amazon Pay and is the sole domain of any customer who is using an Apple mobile product. This means that anyone using an iPhone or an iPad is able to transfer funds and it’s likely that you may have previously used your smartphone in this way for other purchases.

You will be required to use your Apple TouchCode in order facilitate a deposit, although the money goes through instantly and it’s an easier process for mobile customers than having to go through the rigmarole of registering a card.

Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Fees And Limits

We’ve compiled the below table to give you an idea of what to expect with each casino deposit and withdrawal method. Please note that this is just used as a rough example due to the fact that every casino site will differ in terms of the payment methods accepted along with the minimum and maximum casino deposit allowed. However, the below payment methods are most common when it comes to Irish-licensed casinos.

Ultimately, you can see the pros and cons when it comes to using each casino deposit option. There is a clear advantage to using e-wallet in order to process fast withdrawals although it should be noted that you will then need to go about withdrawing the funds from e-wallet to your bank account so that means an extra link in the chain.

#MethodFeeAvg Deposit TimeAvg Withdrawal TimeMin TransactionMax Transaction
1VisaFreeInstant1-5 Days€5€20,000
2MastercardFreeInstant1-5 Days€5€20,000
3MaestroFreeInstant1-5 Days€5€20,000
4Apple PayFreeInstant1-5 Days€5€5000
5Google PayFreeInstant1-5 Days€5€5000
6PayPalFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€10€5500
7NetellerFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€10€5000
8SkrillFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€10€5000
9PaysafecardFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€5€779
10EcoPayzFreeInstantWithin 24 Hours€5€5000
11Bank WireFree2-10 Days5-28 Days€100€50,000

Fast Withdrawal Casino Options

Many online casinos have the selling point of fast withdrawals, with customers clearly wanting any winnings to be returned to their bank account as quickly as possible. When it comes to instant Casino withdrawals, the leading operators will have payment methods in place where you can return funds in a short space of time, although the term instant can be somewhat misleading as there is usually an amount of time required for the transaction to be processed.

Ultimately, providing your funds can be returned within 24 hours rather than one week, that is satisfactory for most casino customers. Please note that there is often the opportunity to reverse a casino withdrawal with some methods and that means that the funds are returned to your online casino account should you wish to continue playing.

Casino Account Verification And KYC procedure

When you first register an online casino account, you might need to submit some form of identification. A casino operator might typically need to see a copy of a passport or driving license, along with a recent utility bill. While this might seem a little arduous, it is actually to your benefit as you are dealing with a Irish-licensed operator who have to abide by the regulations that are set out by the relevant Gambling Commission.

There is something called KYC (Know Your Customer) and each online casino has a team who verify the new casino accounts that are generated every day. Providing the information you have submitted is accurate, you should expect to get your casino account approved within a short space of time. You might also find your first casino withdrawal can only be processed without submitting information.

On a similar note, you will also find that your casino provides the option to set deposit limits on your account. Therefore, when you sign up, you can choose a daily, weekly or monthly maximum amount when it comes to depositing into your casino account, with the operator restricting you once you have hit this threshold. You can change the limits at any time, although this helps to manage your betting and avoids customers being rash.

Casino Payment Methods For High Rollers

Some casino players will want to play for big amounts due to having a larger bankroll than most. These high rollers can not only benefit from a VIP program at their favourite casino but they are also sometimes provided with exclusive payment perks which allows them to make swifter transactions when it comes to casino deposits and casino withdrawals. A bespoke VIP manager might be able to facilitate the movement of money quickly to and from their account,as well as some alluring bonuses exclusive to VIP's.

However, it’s clear that betting large amounts means that you should avoid payment methods where the maximum deposit and withdrawal is modest. We would recommend using a debit card as an option where you can move a large amount of money, while several e-wallet solutions are also suitable for this purpose. Try to avoid paying through your mobile phone where the limitations are greater.

Minimum Deposit Casino Payment Methods

If you’re new to online casino and only wanting to dip your toe in the water, the great news is that recreational customers can get started from as little as €5. There are several new casinos that have a deposit minimum stake of €5 and others have €10, amounts which are acceptable to recreational players who might go on to deposit larger amounts once they familiarise themselves with the latest casino games that are available.

Please note that a first deposit of a small amount might disqualify you from any potential welcome bonus and it’s worth considering this when you make a casino deposit with an operator. However, some casino offers don’t have a minimum deposit requirement and that means you can land some kind of bonus which might also include some free spins no deposit promotions along the way.

Online Betting Payment Methods

Naturally, there’s often a big crossover between customers wanting to play online slot games and the same clients also wanting to place sports bets. The good news is that virtually the same payment methods exist for online betting as they do for casino, with customers able to take advantage of depositing by debit card, e-wallet and mobile phone options. Some pay-by-phone methods might not be appreciated by sports betting customers as they have predefined amounts.

Safe and Legal Casino Banking


Every casino payment method that you find at comes with a recommendation that it’s a safe and secure process when it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds. All of the casino deposit options listed on this page are utilised by the leading casino operators. In turn, these casino operators are fully licensed and the FSA closely monitor the payment methods being used to ensure everything is above board.

Therefore, whatever payment method you choose when opening a casino account that is profiled at means that you are using a legal payment solution to fund your account. Also, the reason why you are obliged to use the same casino withdrawal option as deposit is to ensure that no money-laundering is taking place.


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