The Apprentice Odds: Who Will Be Hired And Fired By Lord Sugar?

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The Apprentice Odds: Who Will Be Hired And Fired By Lord Sugar?
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After 10 weeks of The Apprentice's 18th series, there are just five candidates remaining and it's tough to separate them on betting sites ahead of the penultimate episode.

This Thursday night, the remaining quintet will face the dreaded interviews episode, in which they will be grilled one-on-one by some of Lord Sugar's most trusted advisors, Claude Littner, Claudine Collins, Mike Soutar, and Linda Plant.

In last Thursday's final group task, the candidates were challenged with creating and branding a new vegan alternative to cheese before pitching to industry experts.

After Team Supream's first win of the series the week before, Team Nexus returned to winning ways last week, and it was the first victory of the series for Phil Turner, who was warned by Lord Sugar he would be fired if his team were defeated.

Instead, Steve Darken, who was the 6/4 favourite to be fired last week, and Foluso Falade were axed by Lord Sugar, and losing Project Manager Rachel Woolford narrowly survived, despite admitting she made mistakes.

Rachel, Phil, Dr. Paul Midha, Flo Edwards, and Tre Lowe have all progressed to the final five, but only two of them will make the final. Who has the best chance of landing Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment?

The Apprentice Odds - Who Will Be Hired?

Dr Paul Midha6/4
Flo Edwards2/1
Rachel Woolford2/1
Phil Turner3/1
Tre Lowe5/1

'Cool, Calm, And Collected' Paul Hits The Top

Paul is the new 6/4 favourite on Apprentice betting sites, and he may have hit the top at the right time.

The dental group owner has been impressive throughout the process - recently earning praise from Lord Sugar for selling products under pressure on live TV during a task - and his fellow candidates have been equally as complimentary about him.

Flo admitted he is "cool, calm, and collected", and Phil thinks he should win the series.

Phil said: "He’s a really-really likeable chap and I think he’s an all-round great guy. If I had a quarter of a million pounds, I’d invest in Paul."

But Paul will face stiff competition from the other four candidates, including 2/1 second favourite Flo.

Flo has been the odds-on favourite at times throughout the series, but there have been a few slip ups in recent weeks.

Despite this, she has a huge chance of reaching the final, and Tre has described her as a "born winner", and Rachel has given her the ultimate compliment.

She said: "Flo is such a strong woman in business, she’s the kind of woman in business that I hope I am."

Paul's Pal Rachel In With A Shout

Rachel went into last Thursday's final group task as the favourite on specials betting sites to win the series.

But after admitting she made a huge mistake in the task by sending Foluso out on her own to the do the branding, could the cracks be starting to emerge?

Possibly, but the boutique fitness studio owner has shown some brilliance across the 10 tasks.

She will go into the interviews episode as the 2/1 joint-second favourite on specials betting sites alongside Flo, who has said Rachel is the "epitome of somebody who gets stuff done".

Paul has revealed he and Rachel used to "catch the same school bus together" during their younger years, and her performance on the programme has left him feeling "proud".

What's more, Phil has praised her as "really professional" and admitted her hard work and diligence "always shone through on every episode".

The Apprentice Odds - Who Will Be Fired Next?

Tre Lowe2/1
Phil Turner3/1
Rachel Woolford4/1
Flo Edwards5/1
Dr. Paul Midha6/1

'Resilient' Phil Makes Final 5

Phil must go down as one of the most fortunate Apprentice candidates in the BBC show's 18-series history.

After nine losses in the first nine tasks, he was given an ultimatum by Lord Sugar to win task 10 as Project Manager or be fired.

Fortunately for Phil, he led his team to victory in the vegan cheese challenge, and he now goes into the interviews episode as a 3/1 chance on betting apps.

Despite losing nine out of 10 tasks, that won't count for a huge amount in the interviews episode, and it will be largely down to how good his business plan is.

Ahead of the interviews episode, all four of Phil's opponents, Flo, Paul, Tre and Rachel described him as "resilient".

He has had to be to have nine knock backs and still make the final, and such an unprecedented experience could stand him in good stead on Thursday night.

The Apprentice Odds - Last London Candidate Standing

Flo Edwards8/11
Tre Lowe11/8

Tre is 5/1 to land Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment, and while he is the outsider of the five, the market is so tight.

After losing the opening two tasks in the process, Tre won six of the following eight tasks and he wasn't brought back to the final boardroom in any of his four defeats.

While he was never in grave danger of being fired by Lord Sugar over the 10 weeks, there will be no hiding place in the interviews. But if anyone can talk his way into the final then it could be Tre.

Flo has insisted it is "mind boggling" how Tre has come up with so many solutions throughout the process, and Paul has also praised his "incredible mindset".

Following Steve's firing, just Flo and Tre remain in the Last Londoner Standing market.

Flo remains the 8/11 favourite, but Tre isn't far behind at 11/8. It's so tough to call this year, any of the remaining five could make the finale.

* Reminder: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts.

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