Love Island Australia Odds 2023: Islanders Down To Final 5 After History-Making Recoupling

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Love Island Australia Odds 2023: Islanders Down To Final 5 After History-Making Recoupling

Love Island Australia is down to its final five couples after a history-making recoupling, and it is all change at the top of betting sites.  

One of the main stories of the series has been a love triangle between Andy, Nakia and Harmony.  

Last week, there was controversy when Harmony chose to couple up with Andy, leaving Nakia single, and he then tried to vote her out of the contest.  

She remained after the other Islanders saved her, and in another twist of fate Andy ended up recoupling with Nakia.  

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Couple Odds

Tyra and Kale3.033.33%
Lucinda and Zac4.025%
Georgia and Nate7.014.3%
Chloe and Reid10.010%
Savanah and Clint12.08.3%


However, a love triangle never works out on Love Island and it ultimately sealed the trio's fate, as all three have now been dumped.  

In this week's recoupling, Andy made history as he opted to remain single.  

Following his decision, host Sophie Monk told him: "That's the first time anyone's ever elected to stay single." 

It meant both Nakia and Harmony were also single, and all three departed the villa.  

Kale And Tyra Hit The Front 

It's also all change the top of the market after Kale and Tyra grew closer, and they became exclusive this week.  

Kale asked Tyra: "What are we going to be like when we leave here? Are we going to be proper seeing each other vibes.  

"Is it safe to say that we'd just be exclusively seeing each other even when we leave here?" 

She replied: "I think we were both assuming that we were leaving here together and becoming exclusive, but it's good to be on the same page and voice that."  

Kale admitted he would treat Tyra like this "fiancée", but on Tuesday's episode the couple had some disagreements during the show's "egg baby" challenge.  

It saw the final five pairings tasked with looking after an ostrich egg each for the day, and treating it like their baby. 

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Male Odds

Kale Roberts3.033.33%
Zac Nunns4.025%
Nate Page8.012.5%
Reid Polak10.010%
Clint Posselt12.08.3%


But the challenge led to questions about Kale and Tyra's relationship, with Kale admitting he "wouldn't be happy" if was to have a kid right now.  

Tyra admitted her life would be "so much more full" with children, and Kale then asked her: "Could you be with someone that doesn't want kids?" 

She replied: "I honestly feel like that would be a deal breaker." 

However, there is some hope for the pair.  

Kale said later: "I wouldn't say Tyra and I are on the exact same page but I don't think we're pages apart. 

"It's pretty clear that Tyra wants kids and I just hope as I get older my mind changes a bit."  

However, their villa romance appeared to get back on track when they spent a night in the Hideaway. 

Kale and Tyra are now 3.0 favourites to win the series, and despite some ups and downs, they would be worthy winners of the series.  

Zac And Lucinda In With A Shot 

Zac and Lucinda are also no strangers to ups and downs throughout the series.  

The couple have dropped to 4.0 second favourites to win the $50,000 prize following Tyra and Kale's surge up the market.  

But, like Tyra and Kale, Zac and Lucinda have also spoken about the future throughout the series.  

In the baby challenge this week, the couple both agreed they would love to have four children. 

For now, it looks like the winner could be out of Tyra and Kale or Lucinda and Zac, after Nate and Georgia showed signs that they could be on the rocks. 

Love Island Australia 2023 Top Female Odds

Tyra Johannes3.033.33%
Lucinda Stafford4.025%
Georgia Murray7.014.3%
Chloe Christine10.010%
Savanah Badger12.08.3%


The Islanders were paid a visit by psychic Sarah to look into her crystal ball and see what the future has in store for each couple. 

She warned Nate he would need to "open up" at some point, and told Georgia she might need some "patience".  

Speaking about taking their relationship to the next stage, Georgia told Nate: "I'm wanting to wake up every day and feel something more and you're not able to do that yet." 

The pair are now 7.0 on exchange betting sites win this year's Love Island Australia, but they remain ahead of Chloe and Reid, who are 10.0.  

Chloe and Reid have it all to do if they are to scoop the $50,000 prize, particularly after he confessed in the Hot Flushed challenge that he has had more than five threesomes, which didn't go down well with Chloe.  

Elsewhere, Savanah and Clint are propping up the market at 12.0.  

* Reminder: These are hypothetical odds provided by industry experts.

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