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Look no further if you want the lowdown on how to play online blackjack for real money in the US. This guide goes over blackjack tips, the pros of playing blackjack online, how to get the biggest bonuses, and the best games to play. So, if you love card games and want to put your skills to the test, scroll down to learn more.

Best Sites to Play Blackjack Online in the US - Jul 2024

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Getting Started With Online Blackjack Games

Why is online blackjack for real money better than playing in a bricks-and-mortar casino? First off, there's nothing wrong with playing blackjack in a land-based casino. However, if you want the best experience, playing online blackjack is better. It's better because you can play multiple tables at once.

It's better because the betting limits are more accessible to the average person, and it's better because you can earn rewards. Put simply, if you want convenience, accessibility, and more ways to win (i.e. through bonuses), online blackjack games are your best bet. This guide expands on these ideas and tells you where to find the best real-money blackjack games online.

Blackjack Online: What Are You Looking For?

  1. The Best Blackjack Casinos
  2. Most Popular Online Blackjack Game Variants
  3. Casino Bonuses for Blackjack Online
  4. Free Blackjack vs Real Money Blackjack
  5. How to Choose a Blackjack Casino
  6. Blackjack Terms
  7. Blackjack Strategies
  8. Blackjack House Edge
  9. Blackjack Hit or Stand?
  10. Online Blackjack Side Bets
  11. Live Online Blackjack
  12. Blackjack Tips

The Best Blackjack Casinos

Online CasinoNo. of Blackjack GamesBest Blackjack VariantPlay Now
BetMGM17 GamesBetMGM Blackjack ProPlay Now
BetRivers25 Games6 in 1 Bets BlackjackPlay Now
Borgata16 GamesInfinite BlackjackPlay Now
Caesars15 GamesCaesars Casino Player's ChoicePlay Now
DraftKings33 GamesBingo BlackjackPlay Now
PokerStars10 GamesPokerStars Live Dealer BlackjackPlay Now
Unibet10 GamesLightning Live BlackjackPlay Now
Betway10 GamesMicro Stakes BlackjackPlay Now
PlayLive4 GamesInfinite BlackjackPlay Now

BetMGM Casino

States Currently Available: MI, NJ, PA, & WV

BetMGM has the financial might of MGM Resorts International behind it. This means it can offer a $1,025 welcome bonus to new customers who use our BetMGM promo code GAMBLINGCOM. Like many of our recommended blackjack sites, wagers made on BetMGM's 17 blackjack games make a 10% contribution to your bonus playthrough target.

In terms of specifics, you can play classic variants such as Atlantic City rules for less than $1 per hand. You can also try exclusive variants like BetMGM Blackjack Pro, as well as bonus-based variants with jackpots topping $1 million.

BetRivers Casino

States Currently Available: MI, NJ, PA, & WV

BetRivers takes the most popular casino games and augments them with something extra. That something extra is side bets. Basically, if you're a fan of real-money online blackjack, you can play 20+ variants at BetRivers and a lot of them have side bets.

From Buster Bet and Luck Lucky to Perfect Pairs, there are all manner of ways to win real-money prizes even if you don't hit 21. This focus on side bets, plus the fact blackjack has a 100% bonus contribution weighting, means BetRivers has some of the best blackjack software in America.

Borgata Casino

States Currently Available: NJ & PA

Borgata is a great place to play real-money blackjack online because it offers new customers a generous welcome bonus as well as 16 different variants. You can use our Borgata Casino promo code GDCBONUS to get a $20 no deposit bonus.

You can use this bonus money to play online blackjack games with a twist, including 777 Blazing Blackjack and Blackjack Xchange. However, for us, the top pick is Blackjack Million Pro, which offers bonus best payout online casino worth up to $1 million.

Caesars Casino

States Currently Available: MI, NJ, PA, & WV

Caesars is ranked among our top-rated real-money blackjack casinos, despite its less than impressive bonus terms. The welcome offer is worth up to $1,260 is you use our Caesars online bonus code. That's impressive. However, we're not too hot on the fact blackjack games only have a 5% contribution weighting.

Even though we'd like that weighting changed, we still love Caesars. Why? Because it has plenty of blackjack bonuses. It also has 15 different variants to choose from, including an exclusive blackjack game called Caesars Player's Choice. This game is unique because you get to choose from five different starting hands.

DraftKings Casino

States Currently Available: MI, NJ, PA, & WV

DraftKings could be the best online casino for blackjack. Why? For starters, new customers can get a welcome bonus worth up to $2,000. Blackjack games have a 20% contribution weighting when it comes to this bonus, which is higher than the industry average of 10%.

Another reason we've tipped this as a contender for best real-money blackjack site is the fact it has over 30 different variants to choose from. Alongside the classics are innovative options such as Spanish 21 and Bingo Blackjack, which has progressive jackpots topping $1 million. DraftKings also has a collection of exclusive themed tables, including Soccer blackjack.

Betway Casino

States Currently Available: NJ & PA

There are 10 different blackjack games at Betway. Classic variants, including American rules with surrender are available. For something a little different, you can play blackjack variants such as Bet the Set 21 (a blackjack poker mix).

Our top picks are the small and micro stakes games that allow you to start playing blackjack online for $0.50 per hand. The only downside to playing blackjack online at Betway is the fact these games only have a 2% contribution weighting when it comes to bonuses.

Most Popular Online Blackjack Game Variants

Just as other popular casino games come in different shapes and sizes, so too does blackjack. Some variants were devised in the live gaming arena, others are a product of the internet. The top online casinos offer all of the best blackjack games, including these variants...

American Blackjack

American blackjack has become the dominant variant over the last few decades. Even though blackjack's origins can be traced back to European countries such as France and Italy, today's variant is based on American rules. That's mainly due to the fact it's popular in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The main aim is to beat the dealer in a showdown. The best total is 21, so the aim is to get as close to that number as possible without going over. You start with two cards and have the option to improve your total by hitting (taking another). Going over 21 is known as bust and means you lose the hand.

Helping keep order in American blackjack games are these rules:

European Blackjack

The transatlantic cousin of American blackjack has a few more rules that impact the moves you can make. The fundamentals are the same, but European blackjack games differ from their American counterparts in the following ways:

Single Deck Blackjack

The clue is in the name with this variant. Instead of the usual six to eight decks, single deck blackjack games use one. Fewer decks reduce the house edge, so single deck blackjack gives you the best shot at winning (in theoretical terms). The average house edge for single-deck online blackjack casino games is 0.014%. For eight-deck real-money blackjack games, it's 0.577%.

Double Deck Blackjack

Just as you can deduce the main premise from the name "single deck blackjack," the clue is in the title with this variant. Double deck blackjack games at our top-rated online casinos use two decks. The rules typically follow the American format, but the main reason to play these blackjack games online is the house edge. The average house edge when you play real-money blackjack games with two decks is 0.341%.

Spanish 21

The fundamentals of Spanish 21 are the same as other real-money blackjack games. However, the key difference with this variant compared to others is that all the 10s have been taken out of play. This means there's more chance of getting low value cards. Spanish 21 also has more side bets than other blackjack games. The enhanced payouts you can play for are:

Zappit Blackjack

Many of the best US real-money blackjack sites offer Zappit. This novel variant is a product of the online casino world, which means it's perfect for those who want to play via their computer or mobile. Zappit online games contain a notable twist: you can zap your cards if you hit a total between 15 and 18. Zapping cards makes them disappear. In their place two random cards appear. So, in this variant, you've basically got the chance to change your cards midway through a hand. The dealer can win with 22 in this variant.

Atlantic City Blackjack

The best blackjack sites typically offer Atlantic City and Vegas rules variants as a standard. An Atlantic City blackjack online game follows the American rules we've already mentioned. One other nuance to this variant is the fact you can surrender your cards after the initial deal and after you've taken a third card.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This live dealer blackjack game was honed by casinos on the Las Vegas strip. However, due to its popularity, it's now available at the best online blackjack sites. The rules are basically the same as other American blackjack games, including Atlantic City rules. However, instead of the dealer peeking when they have a 10-value card or ace, the dealer only peeks with an ace in Vegas Strip Blackjack. It's also worth noting that this variant only uses four decks.

Perfect Pairs

This online casino game puts a popular side bet in the spotlight. That side bet is perfect pairs. This side pays out money if your first two cards match. For example, if you're dealt J-J, that's a pair. The payouts are based on how much of a match your cards are i.e. same value, same value/same color, and same value/same suit.

Casino Bonuses for Blackjack Online

If you want a blackjack bonus, we've got you covered. We're always searching for the best casino bonuses and, because a lot of people play online blackjack, we like to find suitable deals. In addition to promotions offering free blackjack games, you can use welcome bonuses to lower the cost when you play. The table below shows the best welcome bonus offers from our recommended blackjack casinos.

BetMGM$25 sign up bonus + $1,000 deposit match10%GAMBLINGCOM
BetRivers$500 deposit match100%CASINO500
Borgata$20 sign up bonus + $1,000 deposit match10%GDCBONUS
Caesars$10 sign up bonus + $2,000 deposit match5%GAMBLING10
DraftKings$2,000 deposit match20%CLAIM NOW
PokerStars$600 deposit match100%CLAIM NOW
Unibet50% deposit bonus up to $1,00010%CLAIM NOW
Betway$1,000 deposit match2%CLAIM NOW
PlayLive125% deposit bonus up to $625 + 25 spins10%CLAIM NOW

Free Blackjack vs Real Money Blackjack

You can play blackjack online for fun or you can make real-money bets in an effort to win cash prizes. The choice is yours. To help you decide which type of online casino blackjack is best for you, here are some pros and cons.

Free Blackjack

  • No risk
  • Authentic gaming experience
  • Practice basic blackjack strategy
  • Don't help to clear bonuses
  • Can't play live blackjack free online

Real Money Blackjack Games

  • Can win real money
  • Play to unlock blackjack bonuses
  • More options, inc. live games
  • You can lose money
  • Min. bets might be too high for you

How to Choose a Blackjack Casino

We've listed the top online blackjack sites and the bonuses they offer, but how did we arrive at those results? Our experts have years of experience playing online casino games. They've seen blackjack sites develop over the years, they've spoken to developers, and they've gauged public opinion.

Put simply, they've looked at blackjack online real-money software from all angles. That's why you can trust our recommendations. However, to ensure you're as educated as our experts, here are the things you need to consider when you're choosing a new blackjack online casino.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Blackjack

You have to talk the talk if you want to walk the walk. In blackjack, this means knowing these important terms...

Blackjack Terms

Stand: When you have a set of cards you feel is strong enough to beat the dealer, you “stand.’’ The dealer will then move on to the next player or his own hand.

Hit: Players are initially dealt two cards. You ask for a ‘’hit’’ when you want to add another card to your hand. The objective is to get as close to 21 in total face value without going over.

Split: If your first two cards are of equal value (for example, two eights), you may “split” your hand into two separate hands and place a bet on each hand. You then continue to play both hands until you stand or bust.

Double: After your first two cards are dealt, you can double your bet if your hand is strong and/or the dealer’s up-card is weak. You will receive only one card. Doubling is sometimes offered on split hands as well.

Blackjack: The name for the best hand in the game, which includes an ace and a card with a face value of 10.

Even Money: A type of insurance specific to blackjack. If a player has a blackjack and the dealer is showing an ace, the player can ask for even money and automatically receive a payout of 1-to-1, instead of 3-to-2.

First Base: The player at the seat to the dealer’s immediate left is at first base. This player receives their cards first and is first to act in the game.

Hole Card: The card that is dealt face down. Once players have decided how they wish to act on their hands, the hole card can be revealed.

Surrender: If a player believes a hand is likely lost, he can choose to surrender. By doing so, they fold their hand and receive half of their bet back.

Up-Card: The card belonging to the dealer which is dealt face up.

Blackjack Strategies - Basic & Advanced

We've listed the top online blackjack casinos, the most popular variants, and how to find your ideal sites. The final thing to do before you go off and play real-money blackjack is to digest these blackjack strategy tips.

Always Look at the Dealer's Card

The dealer's card is the most important one on the table because it's what your decisions should be based on. What you're aiming to do is establish whether the dealer is strong or weak. Dealers are weak when they have a 4, 5, or 6 showing because they have to hit until they have a score of 17+.

Therefore, with 4, 5, or 6, the dealer has to hit at least once more. Hitting puts you at risk of going bust, which means the dealer is weak with these cards. In these spots, you should be willing to stand with low starting totals.

Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is based on long-term expected value. Put simply, each move you make has a long-term mathematical expectation i.e. if you made the same move consistently it would either yield a profit or a loss. Basic strategy in blackjack allows you to look at a chart and see exactly which hands you should be (theoretically) hitting, standing, and doubling down with.

Use Bonuses

You can win and lose when you play online blackjack real-money games. However, when it comes to bonuses, the returns are guaranteed as long as you hit the wagering requirements. Therefore, if you want to introduce some certainty to things, you should claim as many bonuses as possible.

Bet Conservatively

Playing real-money blackjack isn't risk-free. Therefore, if you want to limit your risk and get maximum value when you play, betting conservatively is vital. As a general rule, you shouldn't sit down in a game with more than 5% of your bankroll. For example, if you've got $1,000, don't use more than $50 in a single game. Each bet you make should be less than $10 of your starting stack.

Blackjack House Edge

Go onto any gambling forum and you'll see threads with the title "online blackjack rigged." That's simply not the case. All online casinos comply with strict regulations which ensure their games are fair and legit. The people who say games are rigged simply don't understand various or the concept of house edge.

Every casino game is angled towards the house (i.e. the casino). This means the house has a slight advantage when you play thousands of hands. But, and this is important, you can win in the short-term. That's the beauty of variance.

Using bonuses and blackjack strategy can reduce the casino's edge, which is why it pays to be a smart player. However, all things being equal, you are at a slight disadvantage. The table below shows the different house edge percentages for each type of blackjack.

Blackjack Game VariantHouse EdgeWhere to Play
American Blackjack0.4%BetMGM Casino
European Blackjack0.5%Caesars Casino
Single Deck Blackjack0.0.14%Borgata Casino
Double Desk Blackjack0.341%PokerStars Casino
Spanish 210.37%DraftKings Casino
Zappit Blackjack1.15%BetMGM Casino
Atlantic City Blackjack0.5%Unibet Casino
Vegas Strip Blackjack0.39%PlayLive Casino
Perfect Pairs2% -11%BBetway Casino

Blackjack Hit or Stand?

Knowing when to hit or stand is one of the most important skills you can develop as a blackjack player. We can't run through every scenario you'll face. However, the points below give you an idea of when you should hit and when to stand:

Times to hit are...

When you have a starting total of 10 or less

When you have a soft hand i.e. you've got an ace (this means you can't go bust with a single draw)

When the dealer is strong i.e. the dealer's visible card suggests they can make a high total. Strong cards for the dealer are 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A

Times to stand are...

When you have to total of 17+

When the dealer is weak i.e. the dealer's visible card suggests they need to hit at least once more which puts them at risk of going bust. Weak cards for the dealer are 4, 5, 6

Online Blackjack Side Bets

Sides bets can be a great way to win more than you otherwise would. Indeed, the standard payouts in blackjack are 1:1 if you win the hand and 3:2 if you make blackjack. Side bets, such as perfect pairs, allow you to win up to 30:1. In fact, some side bets trigger progressive jackpots worth $100,000+.

However, what's important to note is that side bets don't come in very often. The hands you need to make are very specific which, in turn, makes them rare. Each time you make a side bet and lose it takes away from your overall profit. So, if you're playing an optimal strategy, you should avoid side bets.

However, if you want to make some from time to time, popular ones to look out for are:

Live Online Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack combines the best of both gaming mediums. In other words, you get to connect with human dealers via your computer or mobile. The ties that bind these two mediums are webcams and RFID trackers.

In simple terms, live dealer blackjack tables contain RFID trackers that send signals to a digital database. These signals record the action at the table and cross-reference it with your bets. This means your actions are linked to what's happening in a remote location and, if you win, money is credited to your account. The webcams ensure you can see what's happening in real-time. Moreover, they ensure it's an immersive experience.

Blackjack Tips

Use a Strategy chart: you can use a strategy chart when you play online blackjack for real money. These charts are perfectly legal and tell you when to hit, stand, double down, and split based on mathematical expectations.

Play the Right Bet Size for Your Bankroll: you shouldn't risk more than 10% of your starting stack when you play real-money blackjack. In fact, it's best to have an upper limit of 5% to reduce your risk of going broke.

Avoid Side Bets with High House Edges: side bets have attractive payouts but the reality is they reduce your returns. Basically, you'll win less when you beat the dealer if you place a losing side bet. Therefore, it's best to avoid them.

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